Open Public Records Act (仅)


If you are a current or former student and need a transcript, please visit the college’s transcript page. Do NOT submit an 仅 request for a transcript.

UCNJ provides access to government records in compliance with the New Jersey Public Access to Government Records Law, known as the Open Public Records Act or 仅, N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1等. seq.

UCNJ has appointed a College Custodian of Records who is responsible for implementing the duties and responsibilities provided by this law.

Requests for access to government records must be in writing. The law specifically provides that UCNJ employees who receive a request for access to records shall forward the request to the College Custodian of Records, or direct the requestor to the Custodian at Only the Custodian of Records is authorized to release or deny the release of a college record under this law.

一般, the right of public access to government records under 仅 may be subject to inspection, 和/或复制, upon request by a citizen of the state of New Jersey. There are numerous exceptions for various categories of documents that are not considered government records under the law or are exempt from disclosure under other applicable federal or state laws, 规定, 或者订单. It is important to note that the law provides for access to records; it does not require UCNJ to create documents for the purpose of replying to requests for information.

The law provides the time frame in which to respond to a request for a record. A response will typically be made to the request within seven (7) business days of a written request. The Custodian of Records will determine if a request is made for an available government record, if the record does not exist, or if the records is unavailable or privileged. If it is determined that additional time beyond the seven (7) business day time frame is needed to fulfill the request, the Custodian of Records will notify the requestor in writing with the expected fulfillment date.

Responding to a Government Records Request
Anyone requesting a college record should be referred immediately to the College Custodian of Records at The College Custodian of Records is the only person authorized to provide or deny access to university records. Prepayment of applicable fees is required.

You may obtain a Request for Government Records Form by downloading the Records Request Form 在这里, to be completed and either:

  • emailed to; or
  • mailed to UCNJ365bet 新泽西州联合县, c/o Jaime M. Segal, Custodian of Records, 1033 Springfield Avenue, Cranford, NJ 07016; or
  • faxed to 908-709-0527, c/o Jaime M. Segal, Custodian of Records; or
  • delivered, in person, to Jaime M. Segal, Custodian of Records.

A person who is denied access to a government record by the Custodian, at the option of the requestor, may institute a proceeding challenging the Custodian’s decision by (1) filing a complaint with the Government Records Council, 819信箱, 特伦顿, NJ 08625-0819 or (2) by filing an action in the Superior Court, 联合县法院, 伊丽莎白, NJ.

Assistance may be obtained by calling the Government Records Council 1-866-850-0511 or by logging on to that agency’s informational website